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This sequence of photographs is not only a lovely pictorial record of days long, long gone - it is also somewhat of a mystery story too, as I cannot put names to many of the faces!

It is a warning to any of you happening upon this website to ensure that you keep written details together with the photos you have stored away in the spare room. Itíll save future generations of your family untold head-scratching, believe me!
Thanks to the knowledge and longevity of the close relatives on my motherís side of the family (the Stephens), we are able to identify those who are featured in most of the old images left to us. Things are very different as far as my Dadís relatives are concerned.

Most of my fatherís close relatives moved away from the Taunton area and contact was lost many years ago. Being an only child, there were no brothers or sisters to ensure written information was kept of whom was who in the many photos that did survive, stored away at the house by Dad. Although Dad had many uncles, aunts and cousins, for some reason, there wasnít close contact between them and when I emerged into this world (also an only child) all of my close relatives were on my motherís side of the family.
It is a major regret of mine that I didnít take a real interest while Dad was still alive, so Iíve got all these beautiful old images, but have few clues to tie those images with the names I do have of the Poole family.

Painstakingly however, and thanks to on-going investigations through official genealogy records by my ever-willing cousin Kate, and to a somewhat lesser extent by my infrequent visits to local records offices, a more detailed picture is slowly emerging.
Delightfully, too, my knowledge of the "Poole's" has been greatly enhanced by my fortuitous contact with another member of the Poole "clan". Jane, who lives in Derbyshire, "found" me through discovering this website in early 2004 and subsequently contacting me by e-mail. Jane's great-grandfather, Ernest, is my grandfather Samuel's brother!

Through the wonders of the internet, my knowledge of the Pooleís is growing ever greater. In 2006, several wonderful people have been in touch with me with regard to a number of these unidentified photographs.
Australia figures prominently in the descendents of Joseph and Emmaís son William Poole, and I have been able to update, amend and add to this "History of the Pooleís" webpage thanks, in the main, to Marion Batt and Pam Branch (Australia) and Pat Parkhouse (Taunton). The most important information relates to the photograph of Joseph and Emmaís Golden Wedding celebrations taken in the garden of 8 Portland Street, on or near the Anniversary on 25th May 1913 (see Photograph 1, below). Those present that day were identified by the late Dorothy Parkhouse (nee Poole), daughter of William and Elizabeth, who was born in 1901 and who passed away in 2002. Dorothy herself wasnít actually in the photo, as she was recuperating from illness in Bognor Regis, Sussex. Many thanks to her daughter Pam Branch (Australia) and daughter-in-law Pat Parkhouse (Taunton) for contacting me and providing me with all the details of this near century-old photograph.

The son of labourer John Poole, William Poole's short life in Somerset ended in tragedy on the 10th September 1856 in the Taunton & Somerset Hospital in East Reach, Taunton at the young age of just 35, leaving behind a wife and 4 young children all under the age of 13.
Labourer William was born in Ilminster, Somerset in (c)1821 - it is, however, proving rather difficult to find the exact date as details have not been found in Parish records as yet, nor of who his family were or where they lived at the time of his birth.
I do have, though, a copy of a marriage certificate in my possession showing that William married Elizabeth Callaway, daughter of James Callaway (a "Fellmonger" - a dealer in hides or skins who also prepared skins for tanning) on 13th June 1842 at St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church in Taunton. Among the witnesses is an Edwin Parkhouse. Elizabeth (Betsy) was also born in Ilminster - ascertained from "place of birth details" provided in the 1851 census, when the couple and their sons Joseph and James were living at (39) Surry Square, King Street, Taunton. Elizabeth was christened on 27/5/1821 at the Church of St. Mary, Ilminster, Somerset and died on 19/12/1899 - buried at St James's Cemetery, Taunton). Living next door to William & Elizabeth in 1851 were James Callaway, wife Sarah and daughter Jane - all of whom were also born in Ilminster. Obviously Elizabeth's father, mother and sister. The couple actually produced 6 children - Jane, Joseph, William (christened on 4/10/1846, died pre-1851 census), James, Sidney (christened on 5/12/1852, died ?) and Elizabeth Ann (b. 1856, d. Sept ľ 1909). Both James and Sidney were recorded as soldiers in the Isle of Wight in the 1881 census.
Both Joseph (born on 23rd March 1844) and James (born on 24th March 1850) were born in King Street, Taunton but an elder sister, Jane (born on 16th February 1843) was not with the family, nor can she be traced as living with any other Poole relatives elsewhere in the area at any time up to her recorded death on 1st April 1903 at Cotford Asylum, Bishops Lydeard, Nr. Taunton. Cotford was an out-of-town "institution" for the mentally ill.
As previously mentioned, William died on 10th September 1856. His death occurred following an accident at the construction site of the new Shire Hall being built in Taunton in which he received very serious injuries. The newspaper report the following week, shown below, gives the sad details of William's accident that were provided at his inquest.

William Poole inquest

Wednesday 17th September 1856

James was married in c1879 to Mary Ann (maiden name unknown). (The 1911 census stated that the couple were married for 32 years in 1911). In the 1891 census, James was living at Springfield Cottage, Anlaby, Yorkshire with Mary Ann and children Albert Edward (aged 9 - born on the Isle of Wight), Matilda (aged 7 - born in Gosport, Hants), William Alfred Joseph (aged 4 - born in Roscommon, Co. Boyle, Ireland) and Sidney Ernest (aged 1 - born in Reading, Berkshire). These births suggest that the family moved around the UK a fair bit in the 1880's. The couple had more children in the following decade, as the 1901 census - which shows that the family were now living at 2 Ditmans Avenue, Anlaby - lists Emma Elizabeth (aged 9 - born in Hull), Anne Ellen (aged 6 - born in Hull), Lillian Jane (aged 3 - born in Hull) and James Andrew (aged 4 months - born in Hull). The eldest children, Albert Edward and Matilda (now aged 19 and 17) no longer lived at home. In 1911, the family still resided in Ditmans Avenue, but Albert Edward (aged 29) was living in Portsmouth, while Matilda had married Ernest Martin (a Ship Chandlers Assistant) in 1905, and they were living at 2 Melrose Terrace, South Parade, Anlaby Road, Hull, Yorkshire with their 5-year-old son, James Ernest (born in the March ľ 1906).
Sidney married Nelly (Ellen) Whitefield in the June ľ 1884 in Taunton, and in the 1891 census they were living at 7 King Street, Taunton with a 2-year-old son, Reginald (b.March ľ 1889). In the 1901 and 1911 censuses, the family had moved to 2 Paradise Square, Duke Street, Taunton and increased in size to 3 children with Stanley and Percy arriving in 1895 and 1898 respectively. The 1911 census also records that the couple had lost 2 more offspring in childhood.
Elizabeth Ann married Frederick William Rice (b. 1854 in Stoke St. Mary, Somerset) on 12/12/1878 (Taunton St. James). They were living at 29 King Street, Taunton in 1881, at 8 King Street, Taunton in 1891 and at 1 Laburnum Street, Taunton in 1901 with their 4 daughters, Beatrice Ellen (b. 1881, d. 1967 - never married), Elsie May (b. 1889, d. 1955 - married George Chamberlain in Dec.ľ 1914). 2 children - Clarence John and Joan Vera), Fern Daisy (b. 1891, d. 1955 - never married) and Ivy Lucy (b. Dec.ľ 1894, d. ? - Married George Troake in June ľ 1917). 3 children - Frederick, Ashley and Freda. In the 1881 census, Frederick was a "Bricklayer's Labour Late Prvt 13 Reg 1st Class Army Reserve", Elizabeth was a "Silk Throwster". It is interesting to note that a silk factory was situated at this time in Duke Street - adjacent to King Street (it's still there in 2014 - Pearsalls). In the 1911 census - 2 years after Elizabeth Ann had passed away - Frederick and his 4 daughters had moved from Laburnum Street to 8 Wilfred Terrace, Taunton and 3 years later, in 1914, who had moved in next door at no.9? Widower Joseph Poole - Elizabeth Ann's elder brother, Samuel & his wife Emma Poole and their son Robert Poole (my dad). A century has passed and a Poole still lives in that house - a certain Raymond John!!
William and Elizabethís eldest son, Joseph Poole (my great-grandfather) (chr. 23/2/1844, d. 8/9/1931) - a Stonemason - married Emma James (chr. 7/11/1841, d. 23/12/1913 at 8 Portland Street) on 25th May 1863 in Wilton, Taunton. In 1871 Joseph and Emma were living at (139) Butchers Court, Taunton with widowed mother Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth Ann, sons James, Ernest and Arthur, sister Elizabeth Ann and Elizabeth's younger sister Jane Calway (aged 37). In 1881 they were living at 26 King Street, in 1891 at 34 Portland Street, 1901 at 41 Portland Street, and at 8 Portland Street in 1911, with their son, Samuel, daughter-in-law Emma and grand-son, Robert. The couple produced 9 children - Elizabeth Ann (chr.15/11/1863), James (chr. 25/12/1866, d. 24/1/1894), Ernest (b. 3rd Quarter 1868, d. 3/2/1936), Arthur (chr. 2/10/1870), William (b. c1873), Sydney Harry (chr. 22/8/1872, d. 1872), Samuel John (b.10/1/1878, d. 6/3/1951)(my grandfather), Frank (chr. 13/6/1880) and Lottie (chr. 19/2/1882).
James, who died on 24/1/1894 at 41 Portland Street aged just 27, was an Army Pensioner. The death certificate indicates that James died from "hemiplegia - 1 year 9 months - and epiplexy exhaustion". As James cannot be found in the 1891 census, maybe he was serving abroad in the army prior to his illness striking in April 1892. He was buried in a family grave at St James Cemetery, Taunton - his grandmother Elizabeth who died on 1/12/1899 was then buried at the same plot.
Ernest, of whom we will read much more about soon, was living at 187 Bath Road, Totterdown, Bristol on 28/11/1918 and later at "Brookside", Grove Road, Brislington, Bristol with his second wife, Mary.
A very elderly Arthur was living at 52 Portway, Warminster, with his wife Alice (I have a signed letter from them when Samuel died), in 1951. Arthur & Alice (? Elsie per Dorothy Pooleís recollections - maybe incorrectly) had 2 children, Ronald and James. Whilst serving in India, son James married an Indian girl. He was injured in a fall on his return trip to the UK with her. She spoke little or no English, and he spoke little or no Urdu, so there was very little communication between them. James was immobilized in the fall, she was very unhappy! Consequently, the family put together enough money to pay her return fare to India - alone. Arthur also had a daughter Ivy from his first marriage to ?? (unknown name).
Lottie married Francis Smith in 1903, but did not have any children. Lottie died, aged 31, on 3/6/1913 at her home at 21 Stephen Street, Taunton, just a few short days after her parents Golden Wedding photograph was taken.

Frank married Emily Bulled in the Sept. ľ 1906 and had 2 children, Hilda E.M.- born in Sept. ľ 1910 - (who married Arthur Derrick) & Leslie F.- born in Sept. ľ 1917 - (who married Joyce Bibbins and had a son, Gary).

Elizabeth Ann married Eli Hawkins (Snr) in December ľ 1885 and produced 3 children, Eli, Gertie and Lily. Eli (junior) married Lily Killick and had one daughter, Phyllis. Gertie married George Miles and the couple produced 4 offspring, Evelyn, Nora, George and Margaret. All were regular worshippers at the Temple Methodist Chapel in Taunton. The third child, Lily, married Fred Chedgey but had no children. Lily was a leading light at the Temple, organising all the dramatics, singing and yearly Pantomimes (my dad played violin at those much-loved and popular Pantos!).
William married Elizabeth Lines (b. 1874c, d.1944) in the Sept.ľ 1895 and they were living at 28 Portland Street, Taunton, with daughter Gertrude Alice (Gertie) in the 1901 census and at 3 Stephen Street in the 1911 census. They were eventually to produce 4 daughters - Gertrude Alice, (b.2.11.1897, d. ? - very likely sometime after 1983), Lottie Evelyn (b 25/2/1905, d. 14.2.1994), Dorothy Lily Ethel (b. 9/5/1901, d. 27.4.2002) and Muriel Violet (b. 3.2.1908, d. 18.12.1996). It is here that the Australian connection takes root - more of that in a moment!
  • Gertrude married William Paul at the Temple Methodist Church, Taunton on Boxing Day 1933. They had no children.
  • Muriel married William Windle and had 2 children, Peter and Joy.
  • Dorothy (the wonderful centenarian who is mentioned earlier) married Stan Parkhouse (becoming the well-known landlord and landlady of the Naval & Military Inn in East Reach, Taunton) and produced 2 children, Pamela (who emigrated to Australia in 1968 and who has so kindly provided me with more interesting and invaluable information) and Gerald (late husband of Pat who has also sent me details which have proved extremely helpful).
  • Lottie Evelyn married Leonard Down - a policeman who became landlord of the Staplegrove Inn in Taunton. Their only child is Marion, born in 1926, who married Ray Batt (whose father was landlord of Tauntonís Alma Inn in Alma Street/Silver Street). They emigrated to Australia in 1958 with their children Andrew and twins Paul and Marilyn. Lottie Evelyn and Leonard followed their daughter and son-in-law to Australia in 1962.
Samuel married Emma Perry (chr. 2/3/1873 - Taunton St. Mary's, d. 11/3/1943) on 1/12/1900 and were at 15 Winchester Street at the time of the 1901 census. Very soon after, they produced their only child, my father, Robert (Bertie) whose birth certificate indicates that he was born at 10 Winchester Street (1/4/1901). Thatís an interesting fact too, as the census was taken on or about 31/3/1901 (a day before Dad was born) and that census records that 10 Winchester Street was in fact empty!
Sam was a Painter/Decorator Foreman and was involved in the making of the Vivary Park main gates. His job obviously took him away from Taunton on occasions, and produced on this webpage are two postcards he sent home from Worcester Park, London in 1910. They were addressed to Emmie and Bertie at 8 Portland Street Another photo shows my Great grandmother, grandmother and father standing outside 8 Portland Street. The postcards clearly indicate that Sam was working on the property of either Lt-Gen Sir James Hills-Johnes or Field Marshall Earl Roberts. My guess is that it was the latter, as Hills-Johnes is more closely associated with living in Wales. My mother lived at 9 Portland Street later in the decade, having moved there with her parents at some time between 1914 and 1921 from Prospect Terrace, Canal Road. As stated earlier, my father, his parents and grandfather moved from 8 Portland Street to 9 Wilfred Terrace in early 1914. However, I am led to believe that my parents were never actually next-door neighbours in Portland Street. If they had been, dad would have been a young teenager while mum would have been a toddler!!
The main photograph below (no.1), taken in 1913 in the back garden of 8 Portland Street, is of Joseph and Emma Poole, their children, grand-children and most of their extended family, celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary which occurred on the 25th May 1913.
Narrative continued below photograph no. 27

Whole Family Group - Golden Wedding 1913

(1) THE GOLDEN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPH - Joseph & Emma's Golden Wedding - 1913
Back row: (l to r) Reggie Poole, Harold Poole, Cecil Poole
2nd row: (standing, l to r) Mable Poole, Gertie Hawkins, Emily Poole, Frank Poole, Gertie Poole, Francis (Frank) Smith, Ethel Poole, Arthur Poole, Elizabeth Poole, William Poole, Lottie Poole, Lily Hawkins, Samuel Poole, Eli Hawkins
3rd row: (sitting, l to r) Freda Poole, Lily Hawkins (nee Killick), Elsie Poole, Lottie Smith, Elizabeth Hawkins, Joseph Poole, Emma Poole, Ernest Poole, Millie (Amelia) Poole, Emma Poole (nee Perry)
Front row: (children, l to r) Ronald Poole, Muriel Poole, Hilda Poole, Phyllis Hawkins, Clifford Poole, Iris Poole, Robert Poole
(2 grand-daughters missing - Ivy Poole, Arthurís daughter by his first marriage and Dorothy Poole, recuperating from illness in Bognor).

Emma Poole         Emma Poole         Samuel Poole & Raymond

(7) Emma Poole
(8) Emma Poole in later life, after her accident (with Daisy Hayes & Gip - the dog!)
(9) Samuel Poole with a very young Ray

Emma Poole         Emma Poole         Samuel Poole & Raymond

(10) Emma Poole at the gate of 9 Wilfred Terrace
(11) Emma Poole prior to her death in 1943
(12) Samuel Poole again with Raymond!

North Town School

(13) Dad at School (can you pick him out?) - The board reads "Taunton North Town Council School - Standard 4"
(He's in the middle of the second row from the front in the lighter-coloured suit)

Worcester Park Card       Worcester Park Card

Worcester Park Card       Worcester Park Card

(14) & (15) From Sam to Emmie
(16) & (17) From Dada to Bertie (the "lobster" was most likely a drawing!)

The gentlemen on the card (Sam - Dada - was involved with building work on the property of Earl Roberts of Candahar) are Lieut-Gen. Sir James Hills-Johnes G.C.B., V.C. & Field-Marshall Earl Roberts

Dad    Dad    Dad with a cousin    Dad at work

(18) Dad in the fashionable dress for young boys in Victorian times!
(19) Dad ready for Wimbledon
(20) Bertie with a cousin
(21) Now he's a working man


(22) Clarence Street & Portland Street Carnival (Dad's there somewhere!!)

9 Portland Street                     9 Portland Street

(23) Who are the children?
(24) Bertie with his mother & grandmother (the two "Emmas")

Ernest Poole            Ernest & Family

(25) Ernest Poole (a "Reserve" Fireman?)

(26) Ernest Poole & his family
Back row, left to right: Ethel, Reggie, Ernest, Harold, Amelia, Cecil & Mabel. Front row: Iris, Clifford & Freda
- oh, and the dog!

Reginald Poole

(27) Leonard Reginald (Reggie) Poole

Iíd like to comment further now on my fatherís Uncle Ernest. It does appear that there were more photographs of him and his family kept by Samuel than of any other of his brothers and sisters. There is also another clue to that close relationship as Reggie, Ernestís son had spent a lot of his growing up with his Uncle Sam & Auntie Emmie. This becomes very apparent in a letter I refer to shortly.
There is absolutely no doubt that millions of families suffered the loss of a close relative during the horrific carnage of the Great War.

Numerous young men left the safety and warmth of their home to fight the glorious fight against the Hun. A great number never returned - losing their lives in the hellish fields of Northern France and Belgium.

The Poole Family was no exception. The innocent face of Leonard Reginald Poole (Reggie) in the family photographs, with his brothers, sisters and loving parents, at the tender age of 13, hides the fact that within 5 short years he would be dead - cut down before reaching maturity (the age of majority being 21) in the miserable Belgian countryside.

Reggie, son of Ernest, spent much of his childhood living with his Uncle Sam, Aunt Emmie and cousin Bertie in Taunton, before his mother died and his father moved to Bristol.

On 31st October 1918, just 10 short days before the armistice, Reggie, a Private in the Somerset Light Infantry, met his death with many other young men among the tanks advancing towards enemy lines. The gentle, immature Reggie would never even be a grown man.

Ernest wrote to my grandparents very soon after receiving his dreadful news. That letter is reproduced below, together with a typed copy. Its' contents need no additional comment on my behalf save to say that nigh on 100 years later the hurt and bitterness is still palpable.

Reggie is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial (Stone no. 42 - and 163a), Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium. He has no known grave.

It would be remiss of me not to mention three other young Pooles from Taunton who gave their lives in the Great War. All three lived within a few hundred yards of each other - and of a number of my immediate family. Whether they are distant relatives I know not, but they may well have been. Two even share my father's name. Bertie Poole, born 1893, of 14 Tancred Street, Taunton. Robert Edmund Poole, born 1885, of King Street, Taunton. Frederick Poole, born 1882, of 8 Laburnum Street, Taunton.

I am proud to ensure that Reggie Poole's name will not be forgotten. His Name Liveth For Evermore. My Dad's cousin,


Pages 1 & 2            Pages 3 & 4

Pages 5 & 6            Pages 7 & 8

Pages 9 & 10

Ernest's Letter to Sam - 1918

187 Bath Rd,


My dear Brother & Sister,

I trust you will forgive me for not answering your kind letter of sympathy to us in the loss of our own dear Reggie before. I have answered them in the order as I received them from all my brothers.

Well I cannot tell you this is a sad blow to all of us, and among all my brothers & sisters you especially must feel it as poor dear Reggie stayed with you for so long and was treated as one of your own. You also learned to know that poor dear Reggieís nature was not that of a fighting man. His nature was too childish & too loveable to do anyone harm & for this wretched government to send such boys into that Hell is beyond words.

"Oh", my dear Brother & Sister, this is a terrible blow to me. I have been through a great deal but this is the saddest of all. I dare not allow myself to be idle for the moment my mind is in any way free poor dear Reggie turns up and often my whole frame shakes with the shudder which passes through me. How well I shall remember the day the armistice was proclaimed. Never as long as I live shall I forget the awful agony I went through when Bristol was raging with mad joy, but all this emotion brought such a lump in my throat that was almost choking to think that my poor boy within a few days of the close of this war should be murdered.

Well dears, I will try to be brave, I have the comfort of knowing that he is in heaven with his dear mother and if the words of the old hymn is true that we "shall know as we are known" there cannot be any doubt that he is being clasped in the arms of his dear mother.

Well now, there is no doubt that you have heard from father or from Bill or Frank how poor Reggie died, as I have written to them, as I had time to spare, but I want to be able to tell you with my own lips and I know you will welcome it from me, that is only natural.

On the 31st Oct. poor Reggie with a few more men was told off to advance with the tanks to assist them in case they got into difficulties and whilst doing this he fell mortally wounded. This is the news I had from his Capt. but a day or two after this I had another letter from a man who picked his body up and he told me that he should think poor Reggie died from shell shock. His left arm was broken from the elbow to the wrist. Outside of this there was no marks upon his body, but close beside where he laid was a great shell hole and he thinks it was this shell that killed him. I have heard from another man that the concussion of the shells knock the breath out of our poor men. Now I am prepared to believe this mans story before that of his Capt. as to his death for it is not at all likely this officer saw him after he sent him off to certain death with the tanks. You know as well as I do what chances a mans got that goes with the tanks, for these things goes right in amongst the enemy and not only that, they are being shelled all the way in the advances until they get right up to their goal. That is why I have said earlier in my letter that he was murdered. This same young man told me that poor dear Reggie had quite a smile on his face when he picked him up. This is also a little comfort to me to know that his death was instantaneous.

I received the position of his grave from his commanding officer who I wrote to for this. His burial place is given as J29 B42 map reference on Belgium sheet 29, and if any of you in Taunton has got the map of Belgium you will be able to trace his grave within a few yards by the following. He is buried about 1000 yard west of Ansenghem which is about halfway between Courtrai and Audenarde.

His poor mother has been quite ill since receiving the sad news as she was so fond of him. When he was at home about 3 months ago he was so nice with everyone and I am quite sure he felt his position very much and by his manner I believe instinct told him he should never see us again.

Now dear Sam & Emmie I must close now or I shall upset myself. Again thanking you for your kind sympathy and God bless you from your loving Bro & Sis.

E. & M. Poole

The war office says he was killed Nov. 1st, but this was the day his body was found.

Earlier, I mentioned that through this site, I have happily made contact with Jane - a long-lost relative of mine. There now follows a more detailed look at Ernest (Jane's grandfather) and his family's story, which takes us from Taunton to Chard and then, finally, to Brislington, Bristol. It also asks more questions which need still more answers (naturally - with genealogy, the tale is never ending!!!)

Many of the Poole family were in the building trade in Taunton. They were also a close-knit group back in the mid-to-late-19th century (probably through necessity), many living in close proximity to each other - even in the same house - in a small area of the town centred upon "Courts" or "Squares" adjacent to, and leading from, King Street (demolished many years ago) and Duke Street (completely rebuilt - several times).
In the 1840ís, William and Elizabeth Poole lived in Norman Square - which, incidentally was situated just a 2-minute stroll from where I live today. Their son, Joseph, was a stonemason, and his sons Samuel a painter/decorator of some repute and Ernest, who became a master builder with his own firm near Bristol.

Ernest Alfred William Poole was born in the summer of 1868. He married Amelia Pike, one of 6 children of Eli (a shepherd) and Mary Ann Pike of Parkersfield, North Petherton, Somerset, on 20/9/1891 (church unknown). Starting out in working life as a mason, Ernest was also a prolific father! Amelia bore 10 children and lost at least one - or maybe even two sets of twins before full term. An elderly relative remembers Amelia as "always pregnant"! Two of the children died in infancy and one was killed in early manhood.
Official records show that Ernest & Ameliaís children were born while the family were living at various addresses in Taunton (and the youngest in Chard, Somerset). This suggests an unusual amount of "moving house", possibly reflecting the fact that his job was building houses - many terraced houses in the area were built around this time (including Wilfred Terrace, where my grandfather lived for many years). The children were:

Henry Ernest - christened 10/11/1892. 21 Trinity Street, Taunton. Died 1st Quarter 1893
Mabel Florence - chr. 10/2/1894. 21 Trinity Street, Taunton
Ethel May - chr. 1/8/1896. 4 Church Street, Taunton
Harold William - born 1/12/1897. 56 Upper High Street, Taunton
Leonard Reginald (Reggie) - chr. 18/9/1901. 158 East Reach, Taunton. Died 1/11/1918 (Belgium)
Cecil Leslie - chr. 18/9/1901. 158 East Reach, Taunton
Marjorie Hilda - chr. 31/12/1902. 158 East Reach, Taunton. Buried 14/5/1903
Freda Lillian - chr. 18/5/1904. 1 Silver Street, Taunton
Iris Eugenie - chr. 5/8/1906. 28 Winchester Street, Taunton
Clifford Edmund - b. 11/11/1908 chr. 11/12/1908. 44 Victoria Avenue, Chard.

SilverSt-East Reach

A 1905 photograph of the Poole Refreshment Rooms, 1 Silver Street, Taunton - Freda Lillian was born on the premises in 1904.
The main road is East Reach, with Silver Street to the right.

Ernest, Amelia and their children moved from Taunton to Chard between 1906 and 1908, where they lived until Amelia died aged 47, on 11/2/1916 at Priory Villa, Courtney Street, Chard. Subsequently, Ernest married Ameliaís younger sister Mary at Bristol Register Office on 19/5/1917. Mary is recorded on their marriage certificate as being a widow.

Earlier, in the 1891 Census, Mary was living in Pound Street, North Petherton aged 17 as a Domestic Servant to Thomas Filer - a tailor and his wife Jane. Mary had married Francis Henry Miller (b. Chetnole, Sherborne, Dorset in 1865) in the 3rd Quarter 1899. He was an Electric Tram Driver in Bristol and they had a daughter, Elizabeth C., born in 1900. The family were recorded in the 1901 census as living at 12 Kitchener Terrace, Bristol. In the 1911 census, Francis & Mary had moved "around the corner" to 30 Highgrove Street, Knowle, Bristol with two daughters - Gladys (aged 10) and Gwendoline (aged 4). Elizabeth - who would have been 11 years of age, isn't recorded as living with them - in fact, no record of her can be found at all in the 1911 census.
Francis Miller died on 8th June 1916 aged 51. The death certificate indicates that he lived at 187 Bath Road, Bristol and he was a General Labourer. However, the important details of his death as shown on the certificate were that he actually died at the Cornwall County Lunatic Asylum in Bodmin, Cornwall, and the cause of death was "General paralysis of the insane". The Superintendent of the Asylum was the Informant.

So, Francis had gone from being employed as a tram driver in Bristol with a wife and 3 daughters to being a mentally ill general labourer who passed away in Cornwall - 140+ miles away from his family. Were there no suitable establishments nearer to his home in Bath Road, Bristol? As I've said, Mary - his widow - married Ernest Poole just under a year later with the couple now both living at 187 Bath Road. How many of the children of the two families were then living there? When did they move to 3 Hollywood Road, Brislington? - there's a while to wait before the 1921 Census can be accessed to hopefully answer that question!!
Between 1918 and 1923, the firm E.A.W. Poole & Sons, Builders, Hollywood Road, Brislington, Bristol was founded - and the firm was listed for the final time in the 1966 Kellyís Directory for the area. The firm built many houses in the Brislington area, including a number in Wick Road, where several of the Poole family lived in a row of adjacent houses. There is also mention of an involvement - as yet unauthenticated - with the building of Portishead Power Station. The photograph (no. 70), kindly made available to me by Jane, shows Ernest with the last Brislington Parish Council in April 1933.

Ernest died on 3rd February 1936 at 3 Hollywood Road, Brislington of a myocardial failure and acute bronchitis, aged 67. I have a copy of the death certificate which states that the informant was his son Cecil Leslie Poole of 175 Wick Road, Brislington, who was present at the death. Probate records show "Probate Bristol on 10th October 1936 to Henry Pike - retired police official and Samuel John Poole - a Master Painter. Effects £23973 17s 8p." Samuel was my grandfather, of course. Mary, his second wife, was 62 when Ernest died. Mary passed away from a stroke on 1st May 1968, aged 93, at 141 Chesterfield Road, St Andrews, Bristol (now with postcode BS6 5DU). This is a very large, detached, corner property overlooking Ashley Hill. The property could well have been a nursing home of some description, as in 2016 it is the Barham Nursing Home). The death certificate indicates that at the time of her final illness she was living at 14 Bellevue Park, Brislington (now with postcode BS4 4JR - a modest small end-of-terrace house) with her daughter Elizabeth C. Heal (nee Miller), Mary's eldest daughter from her first marriage to Francis H. Miller who was missing from the 1911 census. Although "missing", it is confirmed via BMD records that Elizabeth married Arthur James Heal in the June Qtr 1926 in Bristol. (Arthur was born on 24/01/1901 and died in the December Qtr 1976 in Bristol.) The couple had one child - Michael J. Heal - born in Bristol in the March Qtr 1932, who married Jean Cashin in September Qtr 1972 also in Bristol. It appears that in 2016, Michael & Jane Heal are still living in Bristol.
Here are some details (incomplete) about Ernestís surviving children:

Mabel - married (?John) Brooks - children Gladys & Reggie, 42 Broadwalk, then Totterdown in 1966 - Gordon & Joan
Ethel - married Percy Smith (b. 1896 - a turner from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset) at St. Maryís Chard on 18/5/1918. Lived in Wick Road
Harold William (of 187 Bath Road, Totterdown) - married Hilda Mary Davies (of 4 Kingstree Street, Totterdown) on 3/4/1920, at the Register Office, Bristol. Daughters Heather (b. Bridgend 1921), Iris (b. Bristol 1923) and Shirley (b. Bristol 1929 - still living in Brislington in 2004)
Leonard Reginald - died 1/11/1918 - see separate feature
Cecil Leslie - married Rose Jenkins. Lived at 175 Wick Road, Brislington. 1 child - Donald Roy (b. 12/5/1929; d. 1989) Donald Roy married Betty Ethel Porter (6/12/1953) - 2 children, Jane (b. 9/7/1954) and Jonathan Roy (b. 19/5/1960)
Freda - married Bert Buxton
Iris - married George Giles - Child, Mervyn (living at 3 Brookside Road in 1966)
Clifford - married Lillian (d. 2004) - lived at 171 Wick Road. Sons, Colin (living in Wick Road, Brislington - 2004) & Tony (living in Maidenhead - 2004).
Certain facts in this part of the Poole Family History have yet to be verified and many other details of births, marriages and deaths have yet to be researched. I plan for updates, additions, more images and also possible amendments to be made as and when!

Featured below are yet more Poole Family photos taken over three decades to the late 1930's. Some can be identified by inscriptions on their reverse - which I have transcribed, but others I have no idea who they actually are. Perhaps you recognise some faces as distant aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents - even great-grandparents. If you do, please send me an e-mail (see the link at the bottom of the page) - then perhaps I can really put names to the unidentified faces.
Are you a relative - part of the extended Poole family? If so, why not write and say hello - and possibly add to the story now coming to itsí conclusion.

Taunton was the starting point, back in the mid-18th century when William and Susannah Poole were born, were married and finally died. You have read the story of how the family grew both in Taunton, then in the village of Brislington - now part of the great city of Bristol and on much farther afield to Australia.
I am a Poole still living in the county of Somerset. Where are you? Iíd love to know.

Many thanks!

Ray Poole

photo28      photo29

(28) Xmas 1929 From Vic & Dolly : Philip - 6 years, Peggy - 1 year 9 months
(29) To Auntie & Uncle, With best wishes from Will, May, Valerie & John - 12/8/1938

photo30      photo31      photo32

(30) To Grandad - Best love from Hilda 25/12/1928
(31) To Aunty Emmie - From Valerie with love - 9 months - 5/8/1931
(32) 54 Hillfields Ave, Fishponds, Bristol - Every good wish for Xmas 1931 from Vic & Dolly : Philip - 8 years, Peggy - 3 years 9 months

photo33      photo34      photo35

(33) Victor Poole (Photo taken by R. Burnicle, Newport, Mon.)
(34) To Auntie & Uncle with love from Elsie - July 1936 (age 13)
(35) Granda from Ron

photo36      photo37      photo38

(36) To Auntie & Uncle From Ethel
(37) To Dad, with best wishes for a Happy New Year from Ernest
(38) Xmas Greetings 1933


(39) Valerie & John - 4/5/1935

photo40      photo41      photo42

(40) William & Elizabeth Poole with their 4 daughters, Gertrude, Dorothy, Lottie and Muriel
(41) No details available
(42) No details available

photo43      photo44      photo45

(43) James Poole - son of Arthur & Alice. Photo taken by Shriniwas Mahadeo & Sons (Belgaum..........)
(44) Gertude Alice Paul (nee Poole)
(45) Lily Chidgey (nee Hawkins)

photo46            photo47

(46) No details available
(47) Leonard Down & Lottie (nee Poole)


(48) No details available

photo49      photo50      photo51

(49) No details available
(50) No details available
(51) Photograph taken by Cyril Sledmere - Photographer - Taunton

photo52      photo53

(52) Photograph taken by Williams & Williams Studios
(53) No details available

photo54      photo55

(54) No details available
(55) No details available

photo56      photo57

(56) Photograph taken by H. Stainer, Station Road, Taunton
(57) Photograph taken by H. Stainer, Station Road, Taunton

photo58      photo59

(58) Emma Poole (nee James) (born - 7/11/1841) & Joseph Poole (born - 23/2/1844)
(59) No details available

photo60      photo61

(60) Gertie, Muriel, Lottie & Dorothy Poole
(61) Lottie Evelyn Poole

photo62      photo63

(62) No details available
(63) No details available

photo64      photo65

(64) No details available
(65) No details available

photo66      photo67

(66) No details available
(67) No details available

photo68      photo69

(68) Emma Poole shortly before her death in 1943
(69) No details available


(70) Ernest Poole with the Brislington Parish Council 1933
(Photo kindly supplied by Jane Meleka - many thanks, Jane)


(71) Harold W. Poole (left) with a fellow 1st World War Serviceman
(Another photo supplied by Jane)


(72) Left to Right : Back Row - Cecil Poole, Thomas William Moore Davies, Harold Poole, ? Clifford Poole (not positively confirmed) : Front Row, Shirley (Harold's daughter), Donald (Cecil's son) (Taken at Berry Head, Brixham, in the 1930's)
(Photo kindly supplied by Mike Davies)

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