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(1) 1991 - London Transport Museum. A trip when in London doing work experience.


(2) 1978 - Just one month old

Andrew4         Andrew6         Andrew5

(3) 1978 - Now nine months old, wearing his favourite dungarees named "BOYNG", because of the spring!
(4) 1983 - In the sand pit at Grandparent's house in Cookham, Berkshire. Future career - digger of large holes
(5) 1982 - He loved his wheelbarrow, continually practising for the building trade! The wheelbarrow was only discarded in 2001 when mum & dad moved house.

Andrew7                     Andrew8

(6) 1983 (Oct) - Sister Lyndsey knocking to see if there's a leg behind all the plaster! Andrew still has the cast in the loft, complete with signatures.
(7) 1989 - Cornwall. He always did like playing with water. Aiming for Uncle Bob!!


(8) 1994 - Annual camp with friends. Andrew is waiting for the kettle to boil while on tea-making duties. It would help to have some form of heat underneath!

Andrew10            Andrew3

(9) 1999 - July. 21st birthday treat at Thruxton race Circuit for a Ferrari Day, along with Mark, Thomas & James doing likewise.
(10) 2000 - July. Islington Design Centre, and the kudos of being selected to exhibit there.

Andrew1            Andrew12

(11) 2000- July. Graduation from Nottingham Trent University with a B.A. 2.1 in Graphic Design.
(12) 2000 - July. Graduation. The proud family.

Once again, many thanks to my cousin, Margaret (Andrew's mum, of course) and husband Hugh for the loan of the photos and for the caption details. I hope I've done a fine young man proud! Ray.

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