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Dunster Beach In The 40's

The Poole Family!            Grandad Poole with Ray

The very first holidays we spent together as a family after my father returned home from war service in the R.A.F. were at Dunster Beach, near Minehead, Somerset.
We spent happy weeks there in 1949 to 1952.

Dunster Beach1            Dunster Beach2

(1) Raymond sitting on Mum's knee with Dad relaxing in a deckchair. (2) Grandma Stephens.

Dunster Beach3       Dunster Beach4       Dunster Beach5

(3) Raymond playing with some young friends. (4) Grandad Poole, Mum, Grandma Stephens & Raymond. (5) Dad, Raymond and cousins Pamela & Margaret (front).

Dunster Beach6            Dunster Beach7

(6) Grandma Stephens, Dad & Raymond. (7) Raymond with Grandad Poole & Gloria-Anne Petty.

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