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Wedding 1936

WEDDING DAY - 10th August 1936

In the garden of 69 Cyril Street West, Taunton.

Dad in 1901

This absolutely wonderful photograph is over 100 years old!

This is my father, Robert Joseph Samuel Poole, who was born in April 1901.

He was born in Winchester Street, Taunton and this superb image was taken when he was only a few months old by H. Montague Cooper of Taunton.

Dad at Work in 1927

Dad worked in the vehicle taxation department of the Treasurer's Department at County Hall, Taunton.

Whether this is a photo of him at work there, or if he was in another job, I am not sure, but the reverse of the photo indicates that it was taken in 1927, when he was 26 years old.

Mum & Dad with Grandad Stephens

This is a photo of mum and dad taken with my maternal grandfather, William Stephens, in the early 1930's, before they were married.

The hedge behind them is often seen in their photos. It's the Cyril Street West garden again!

Mum in back garden

A wonderful photograph of my mother taken in the garden at what was then 9 Wilfred Terrace, Taunton.

The garden, tended to by my grandfather, was full of flowers and vegetables.

Dated in the mid-1930's, it is fascinating to see the different shades of brick which still survive today.

Mum & Dad on Holiday in 30's

Mum & Dad on Holiday in 30's

Mum & Dad really looked forward to their holidays! Here are photographs of them at different times on their annual vacation.

Unfortunately, they weren't too precise with the details of where and when the photos were taken, so the first two earlier ones I cannot place or date accurately, other than it was the 1930's.

Mum & Dad on Holiday in Paignton

Mum & Dad on Holiday in Paignton

However, I can identify the other two photos, as I spent some great times myself at Preston Sands, Paignton from 1953 to 1966!

In 1968 and 1972, these are images of what was the two week highlight of their year.

The ladies with them are friends, Ellen & Ethel, from Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex. The beach huts on the promenade at Preston Sands were the annual meeting point for about 10 families or couples who returned year after year in the "middle 2 weeks in August", to renew old acquaintences.

Even today, I still enjoy a few hours on the "front" at Preston, where their spirits definitely return for their summer vacation in August.

school photo 1

school photo 2

school photo 3

Three school photographs from North Town School around 1917/8 - my mother is there somewhere, but I am having difficulties finding her!

Mum & Eric      Honeymoon - Ilfracombe

Mum with her brother Eric
Dad & Mum on their honeymoon in Ilfracombe

Mum      mum & dad

Mum at Dellers Cafe
Dad & Mum with a cousin


Dance Band

Dad in training for that year's "Tour De France" (more likely "Tour de North Devon"!)
"Fiddler" Dad (far right, front row) with the Netta Jeffery Dance Band

Corporal Poole!

Corporal Bert Poole home on leave with his proud wife!! - 1944

Happy Together!

Thank you to my cousin John Stephens for this photo.
I'm not sure where it was taken, but it appears to be from around 1937/8.

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