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Many of the photographs on this page were taken in the 30's, 40's & 50's.
However, there are some relating to more recent times - the "Cousins" for example is right up-to-date!

Photo of Susannah Stephens       Photo of William Stephens                   Photo of Emma Poole       Photo of Samuel Poole

Grandparents: (1) Susannah Stephens (nee Jayne), (2) William Stephens, (3) Emma Poole (nee Perry), (4) Samuel Poole.


Photo of Doreena Poole       Photo of Robert Poole in

Parents: (5) Doreena Poole (nee Stephens), (6) Robert Poole.


Photo of  William Stephens       Photo of  Eva Palmer       Photo of  Cliff Stephens       Photo of  Eric Stephens

Uncles & Aunts: (7) William Stephens, (8) Eva Palmer (nee Stephens), (9) Clifford Stephens, (10) Eric Stephens.


Photo of  Margaret Annie Stephens       Photo of  Millie Stephens       Photo of  John Palmer       Photo of  Violet Stephens       Photo of  June Stephens

Uncles & Aunts: (11) Margaret Annie (Ann) Stephens (nee Coughtrey), (12) Millie Stephens, (13) John Palmer, (14) Violet Stephens (nee Bond), (15) June Stephens (nee Millard).


Photo of  Kate Killick       Photo of  Bob Killick       Photo of  Margaret Rodway       Photo of Hugh Rodway

Cousins & Spouses: (16) Kate Killick (nee Stephens), (17) Bob Killick, (18) Margaret Rodway (nee Stephens), (19) Hugh Rodway


Photo of Pamela Stephens

Cousin: (20) Pamela Stephens


Photo of  Terry Palmer       Photo of  Rosemary Palmer       Photo of  Sue Johnson       Photo of Dave Johnson

Cousins & Spouses: (21) Terry Palmer, (22) Rosemary Palmer (nee Yeabsley), (23) Sue Johnson (nee Stephens), (24) Dave Johnson



(25) The 9 Cousins - July 2008: (l to r) Kate, Paul, Ray, Alan, Margaret, Terry, Sue, John & Pamela


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